Urban Hub

Brand Essence & Strategy | Copywriting & Art Direction | Photography

the challenge

Urban Hub required a point of difference when it came to attracting more clients to their coworking and service office space in central Wellington. With several competitors in town including global and national chains, we needed a fresh approach for attracting people to the space.

the thought

Make Your Space Work

the solution

With a third of our lives spent at work, finding a managed office that ticks all the boxes is about more than just renting the right physical space. Freelancers, satellite teams and contractors are looking for workspaces that are friendly, collaborative and familiar. Our campaign line “Where Wellington Goes to Work,” goes beyond showcasing the workspace and facilities and puts the focus on how people feel when they're at a shared place of work. We developed this idea across a new landing page and digital media. The art direction features an individual enjoying their new office. Using slow exposure, the photography places the talent in focus with a buzz of activity around them, successfully communicating the idea they've found a space that’s warm, friendly and works for them.