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As a relatively unknown product in New Zealand, we identified an opportunity to sell the key product benefits of heat retention, and long-lasting durability with modern, European design.

The challenge

Our clients were a new business operating in an established industry of uPVC manufacturers.
We needed to give our clients a point of difference that would inspire Kiwis to not only upgrade their windows and doors but choose Fenestra as their preferred installer.
Fenestra insert card.
Fenestra website example image.

The Solution

Germany is known for producing well-made, high-quality products. German homes are also known for being warm and dry in winter (the opposite of the average home in Aotearoa). We combined the idea of quality European design with a product manufactured with New Zealand homes in mind. Our campaign line of “warmer, healthier windows for life,” speaks to the longevity of the product and how Kiwi homes can benefit from investing in a global standard of insulation.
The art direction features bold images of families and individuals enjoying their warm, dry homes. The colour palette is a nod to the product’s German roots and gives the brand a distinctly European look. Through their refreshed brand, we showed that with the right joinery, Kiwis can enjoy a European level of comfort in their homes, even in a New Zealand winter.
Fenestra ad campaign image.
Fenestra ad campaign image.

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