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We created a creative campaign designed to connect with overseas doctors on an emotional level and communicate the unique benefits of working in New Zealand in a powerful and creative way.

The challenge

Hauora Taiwhenua, New Zealand’s Rural Health Network, was tasked with recruiting doctors to live and work in New Zealand.
Faced with competition from other markets like Australia and the UK that can offer higher salaries, and less isolation, we needed to understand what we can tell them about New Zealand that might invite their interest.
NZ Locums insert card.

The Solution

We’re a nation of adventurers, and for curious expats, there’s no greater wonderland than than good old Aotearoa. We decided to leverage the millions of dollars that have been spent advertising New Zealand to the world with a campaign line of “New Life. New Adventure. New Zealand.” The art direction features images of doctors in their daily environment (okay, I think the model might have been an electrician, but he looked the part) paired carefully with adventurous snapshots that showed the excitement our potential recruits could find in their time off.
The split screen effect immediately captures the audience’s attention with visually disruptive appeal, and the headlines help to tell the story. Across Print Media, Digital Advertising and a slick landing page, we told doctors what they might expect from an exciting new adventure.
Split-photo of man doctoring and adventuring for NZ Locums ad campaign.
Split-photo of woman doctoring and mountain biking for NZ Locums ad campaign.
Split-photo of woman doctoring and hiking for NZ Locums ad campaign.
Split-photo of woman doctoring and adventuring for NZ Locums ad campaign.

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