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Branding & Visual Identity
Print Design
Discover a coordinated print and digital launch that successfully connected a healthy breakfast cereal with potential consumers through a shared love for intentional healthy living.

The challenge

Treasured Morning are a high protein Superfood brand. After choosing a new name, we needed to create a brand identity that would help relaunch the company and share their mission with their customers.
Treasured Morning insert card.
Pancakes made from Treasured Morning superfood.
French Toast made from Treasured Morning superfood.

The Solution

Getting enough protein in your morning bowl of cereal doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the right morning routine can set your mood for the rest of the day. With a new name and tag line of “food that inspires” we designed a new brand focusing on how health-conscious humans can use Superfoods to create a morning they can treasure. The new brand direction encourages customers to create a morning filled with intention. It’s an accessible message whether you’re a health enthusiast or someone just beginning their wellness journey.
The art direction takes inspiration from the landscape of Taranaki, where these healthy creations are made. We combined this with a delicate colour palette found in a morning sunrise. With new packaging design, product photography, a new logo and a beautiful website, we communicated the idea that Superfoods are an essential component of your morning me-time.
Treasured Morning superfoods ad.
Treasured Morning superfoods ad in Healthy Food Guide publication.

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